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Perception is malleable. People judge the value of a product or service using surface-level factors—like color, shape, size, and composition. How can you structure those design cues to cultivate the desired perception?

Web Design

Customers evaluate websites within 50 milliseconds. What’s happening during that process? How can you optimize your website so that it looks beautiful and accomplishes your business goals? 

Product Design

If you’re designing a physical product, how can you optimize the design? What should it look like? How should it feel? How can you make it more usable? If you’re designing a digital product, how can you optimize the design to acquire and retain users? 

User Experience

User experience is grounded in cognitive psychology. Let’s tweak your interface so that you generate an emotional connection with users, and (b) help users accomplish their goals. Read My Guide »


Growth is grounded in psychology. Why do some people talk about their experiences? How can you get them to share experiences with your brand—whether it’s your latest blog post or the product itself?

Content Marketing

I started my website with a blank Wordpress template. Within a few years, I grew my audience from 0 to 25k subscribers through content marketing.  Watch My Course »

Viral Marketing

I sifted through hundreds of academic studies on network theory and epidemiology. I looked for factors that maximize the spreadable nature of messages. What type of content goes viral? Which networks should you target? How should you “seed” your message? Read My Guide »

Web Analytics

You’re probably collecting a lot of data—but are you extracting meaningful insights? Which metrics should you be monitoring? How can you improve those metrics? 

Market Research

People buy products for different reasons. How can you segment your customers? How do you know which segments you should be targeting? How can you create and position a product to maximize the persuasiveness for those different segments?


When customers look at your website or experience your product, what’s actually occurring in their brain? How are they feeling? What are they thinking? Where are they looking? 

Machine Learning

There’s a mass of data floating around the web. We could scrape and analyze that data to decipher actionable insights about your customers and their needs. Or we could use machine learning to find the messages that resonate with different segments of customers. 

New Product Development

What’s the next great product for your industry? Most businesses tackle that question by asking customers what they want. And that’s a horrible approach. Customers don’t know what they want. In order to gain accurate insights, you need a specialized approach that taps into deeper wants and needs. 


I explain behavioral influence in Methods of Persuasion. In that book, I describe how hidden factors guide our choices and decisions. With the right approach, you can successfully (and ethically) nudge people toward a desired action.

Conversion Optimization

Small changes in your copy and design can cause dramatic changes in customer behavior (and ROI). But what should you change? And how can you implement those changes in the most efficient way? Read My Guide »

Sales Strategy

Certain information appeals to certain customers. But which information will be most persuasive? How can you optimize your sales approach to deliver the most persuasive information (at the most persuasive time)? Watch My Course »

Choice Psychology

Maybe you want people to choose your product on retail shelves. Or maybe you want people to choose your high ROI pricing plan. I’ll help you influence people’s decisions by applying research in choice psychology. Read My Guide »


What’s the secret behind successful products? Why do some products cultivate an emotional connection, while other products are forgotten the next day? There’s a science behind the madness.


With a strong brand, you can attract loyal customers who identify with your product. But where do you start? Which concepts and emotions should you associate with your business? And how can you solidify those associations in your customer’s brain? 


Over 300k people have read my guide on pricing psychology. More companies are recognizing the importance of getting it right. In fact, McKinsey execs argue that pricing has the greatest impact on ROI. Is your pricing up to par? Watch My Course »

Product Names

Names are a critical foundation of success. Your name will dictate the meaning and emotions that customers associate with your product. So what’s the secret? How can use psycholinguistics to construct a name that sounds meaningful and pleasant? Read My Guide »

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