Get advice about your business while reaching a large audience of people

Submit your business

Submit your business

I film a case study

I film a case study

I share it with my audience

I share it with my audience

It’s a win-win:
  • I create engaging content for my audience
  • You get valuable ideas while placing your business in front of 10k+ marketers, buyers, and execs.

Twice the value of an
influencer or agency

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Website / App

Website / App


Can the deliverable be private?

Sure. I offer my public videos at a discounted rate because they help grow my business. But if you don’t want the attention, you can select the “private” option in the checkout.

Who will see this video?

I'll send this video to my email list of 50k marketers who are interested in various topics—pricing, branding, UX, eCommerce.

Will you criticize my business?

Nope. I want to foster a culture of learning. If your business isn't a good fit with this service, I'll let you know without filming anything.

Do you offer regular consulting?

Sure, I work privately with some clients to optimize their website, pricing, and sales funnel. Send me an email:
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