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Whenever I write a guide, I read hundreds of academic studies. Then, I compile the actionable takeaways into a single article. These guides are extremely dense, yet straight-to-the-point.

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Brand Names

In this massive guide, you'll learn how to construct a brand name that simply "feels right" for your product or business.

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Color Psychology

Why does color have meaning? What are those meanings? And how does color influence our perception and behavior?

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Font Psychology

Every font has a personality. But how can you identify it? This guide will teach you the art and science of choosing fonts.

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Negotiation Tactics

Do you make the first offer? How high should it be? Should you counter? This guide explains powerful negotiation tactics and techniques.

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Pricing Psychology

Which numbers should you use? How high should it be? Should it be rounded? This guide has 42 tricks to help you choose the best price.

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Stock Photos

Do stock photos really matter? This guide explains how they influence perception and behavior.

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User Experience

This guide is a massive checklist in interface design. Here are 125+ best practices in UX/UI of web design and mobile interfaces.

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Viral Marketing

Everybody wants to go viral. But how? Can you control it? Turns out...you can. This article explains "micronetworks" and the science of going viral.

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Visual Attention

There are 9 stimuli that capture attention automatically. This guide describes those stimuli (and the underlying neuroscience).

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